Colostomy and Ileostomy (Stomas)

[stow-mah] An opening in the bowel onto the abdominal wall.

At Coast Colorectal we assist patients on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast who need stomas.


Stomas come in two major types ? colostomy and ileostomy. Both kinds of stoma can be prepared or managed through Coast Colorectal. Here, we provide some basic information about stomas.

What is Stoma?

A stoma is an opening in the bowel onto the abdominal wall. Using this opening, effluent can be collected into a bag that?s attached to the abdomen.


There are two main kinds of stoma. A colostomy is created using the large bowel (the colon), and an ileostomy is created using the small bowel (the ileum).


Many different surgical procedures might necessitate a stoma. In some cases, you might need to wear a bag temporarily, while in other cases, it might be a permanent part of managing your condition.


After a bowel operation, a temporary ileostomy is sometimes needed. This protects the join-up while it heals. After the initial recovery period, the join is checked with a specialist x-ray. Once it?s appropriate to do so, a further procedure will be arranged to close the stoma and remove the bag.

Stomal Therapists

It?s normal to have a lot of questions about this kind of procedure. At Coast Colorectal, we work closely with Stomal Therapists.


Stomal Therapists are specialist nurse practitioners who will help you learn how to manage and care for your stoma. A Stomal Therapist will talk with you in detail about what to expect before your stoma is created and help you to feel confident with its ongoing management.


You can learn more about stomal therapy by visiting the Australian Association of Stomal Therapy website:


If you have any concerns or you experience any complications resulting from a stoma procedure, contact Coast Colorectal 07 5598 0825 (Mon-Fri) or your GP or hospital if after hours/weekend.