At Coast Colorectal, we often assist Gold Coast and Tweed Coast patients who are experiencing a hernia. This is a common condition; learn more about it below.

What is a Hernia?

A hernia is an abnormal bulge in a muscle wall. A common place for a hernia is in the groin. Other common areas include the sites of surgical scars and around stomas.

Generally, a hernia is first noticed as a lump. Sometimes, there is also a noticeable dragging discomfort in the area. The lump is not painful and usually looks smaller when you lie flat.

Diagnosis and Treatment

In some cases, pain and tenderness can develop at the site of the hernia. There might also be cramping abdominal pains. These are symptoms that often happen when the contents of the hernia are stuck. If you experience these symptoms, it’s important to go straight to hospital.

To repair a hernia, a surgical procedure is required. During this operation, the muscle alignment is re-established. Sometimes, to do this, a piece is mesh is placed. If you require a hernia procedure, your surgeon will explain the specific procedure you need.

If you believe you may be experiencing a hernia, you can consult your GP. If you have a hernia, your GP will arrange a referral to a surgeon who can perform the appropriate procedure.