At Coast Colorectal, we often see people from the Gold Coast or Tweed Coast who are experiencing polyps. You can learn more about this common condition here.



What is a Polyp?

A polyp is a lesion that protrudes from the surface of the bowel. There are many different kinds of lesions that can be called polyps. These range from benign to malignant.

Often, the term is used to refer to pre-cancerous lesions. We currently understand that bowel cancers may develop through a series of steps. A polyp phase is thought to happen before the bowel cancer becomes invasive. So, if polyps can be removed, this might prevent the development of bowel cancer.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The removal of polyps can happen during a colonoscopy procedure. Occasionally, the polyps are too large or too many to remove during this procedure. If this is the case, your colorectal surgeon will explain your further treatment options.

If you would like to know more about polyps and the treatments available at Coast Colorectal, you can visit our pages on bowel cancer, colonoscopy, and bowel resection.