John Flynn Hospital

John Flynn Hospital is located in Tugun, in the Southern Gold Coast. This private hospital is conveniently reached from the highway, near the Gold Coast Airport.

Our consulting rooms are located at John Flynn Hospital Medical Centre. You can easily reach them from the hospital carpark.

Once inside, you can follow the signs to our rooms. From here, you can consult with us about your condition and treatment options.

We also offer our full range of surgical procedures at John Flynn Hospital. This is the location from which we can perform robotic surgery.

If you are having a procedure here, you will need to attend the admissions desk. You should bring a bag of clothes, loose fitting pyjamas, toiletries, and a change of clothes to wear when you go back home.

At each of our locations, we work with our regular anaesthetists, the Gold Coast Tweed Anaesthesia Group. If you have any questions or concerns about your anaesthetic, you should contact this practitioner directly.

For more information about John Flynn Hospital, you can visit their website.