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If you?re looking for advice, pain relief, or specialist treatment, a colorectal surgeon may be able to help you.

Speak to your GP about obtaining a referral. We?re looking forward to assisting you.

At Coast Colorectal, we can assist patients on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast who require appendix surgery.

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Anal Skin tags Gold Coast

Often, they can be removed under local anaesthetic, but it?s more common to remove them under a general anaesthetic.

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Bowel Resection Tweed

The treatment recommended for you will depend on the area of your bowel that needs to be removed.

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Conoloscopy Gold Coast Surgeon

If you need a colonoscopy, it?s normal to want to know what happens in a colonoscopy, and what happens afterwards.

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Fissur Surgery Gold Coast

[fish-er] An anal fissure is a small tear in the thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that lines the anus.

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anal fistula Gold Coast

[fis-tu-lar] An anal fistula is an abnormal communication (connection) between the anal canal and the skin of the anal area.

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Gastroscopy Gold Coast

At Coast Colorectal, we provide gastroscopy. You can learn more about this common procedure below.

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Haemorrhoid Treatment

If you have been experiencing haemorrhoids, your colorectal surgeon will have explained that there are many different options for haemorrhoid treatment.

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Laparoscopic Surgery Tweed

This form of surgery is also known as ?keyhole? surgery, because it involves using smaller incisions, creating a keyhole-like opening.

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Robotic Colorectal Surgeon

A range of surgical procedures can be conducted robotically.

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Sacral Nerve Modulation

We often assist patients with faecal incontinence. One treatment method for this condition is sacral nerve modulation.

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