Appendix Surgery

A surgery to remove your appendix.

Why is Appendix Surgery Needed?

Your appendix is a small organ that is attached to the first part of the large bowel (known as the caecum). It can become infected in around 7-8% of the population, which can result in the need for appendix surgery.


Often, an appendix infection occurs in younger patients, but it can happen at any age. The surgery involves removing the appendix.

What Happens During Appendix Surgery?

This surgery is usually laparoscopic, which means that it uses a small incision that promotes a quicker, less painful recovery time.


In some cases, there might be something additional or unexpected found. If this happens, an open procedure might be needed instead. This happens only very occasionally.


After appendix surgery, it?s normal to stay in hospital overnight. Sometimes, extra days are needed, depending on how the recovery goes.


When you return home, you?ll be offered a follow-up appointment with your colorectal surgeon. Often, though, a visit to your GP is all that is required.


If you have any questions about appendix surgery, you?re welcome to raise these questions in your consultation. We?re here to help you feel informed about your health care.

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