Fissure Surgery

[fish-er] An anal fissure is a small tear in the thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that lines the anus.

If you do require treatment for an anal fissure, your colorectal surgeon will explain your fissure surgery procedure to you in detail. The recommended treatment can vary depending on a range of factors.



This treatment option involves the injection of small amounts of fluid into the muscle of the anus. Usually, this is done under a general anaesthetic.


Normally, this is a straightforward procedure. Afterwards, it?s typical to experience only minor pain related to the injections. Some people might experience small amounts of bleeding from the injection sites.


Be aware that, after this kind of fissure surgery, your fissure symptoms will remain initially. This is because the Botox can take 1-2 weeks to take effect.



This fissure surgery option involves making a small cut in the skin around the anus and cutting part of the anal muscle.


It?s normal to have a small amount of pain from the incision. However, this operation usually produces almost immediate relief from your fissure and anal spasm.


After the procedure, your wound care will involve showering or bathing twice daily. Wearing a dry pad in your underwear is also part of the recovery process.


Having a warm bath with a handful of table salt can have a relieving effect. It?s recommended that you do this twice each day, plus after your bowel motion.


You might experience a small amount of discharge or blood from your incision. This is normal.


Things to watch out for

If you?ve undergone this procedure, and you notice any of these symptoms, you should contact your doctor for further treatment


Persistent pain

Pain that persists or increases as time passes from your procedure.


Excessive bleeding and swelling

Sphincterotomy surgery



Excessive bleeding or discharge from the wound.


Severe pain

If you have any concerns, or if you experience any of the above symptoms after your fissure surgery, don?t hesitate to contact us. You can reach Coast Colorectal on (07) 5598 0825 during business hours (Monday to Friday). If it?s a weekend or after hours, please contact your GP or hospital instead.

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