Laparoscopic Surgery

?Keyhole? surgery that uses smaller incisions

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

At Coast Colorectal, we perform laparoscopic surgery. This form of surgery is also known as ?keyhole? surgery, because it involves using smaller incisions, creating a keyhole-like opening.


When you receive this kind of operation, it?s typical that you will recover at a faster rate, because of the smaller incisions. There is also often less pain.

When is Laparoscopic Surgery Available?

Most procedures at Coast Colorectal are laparoscopic surgeries. Whenever we can, we use this approach, because we want to ensure the best possible experience for each patient.


There are some cases in which laparoscopic surgery isn?t advisable. For example, if you have had multiple abdominal procedures, your colorectal surgeon might determine that it?s better to avoid this technique, because there are higher risks in this situation.


Most of our laparoscopic surgeries are performed at John Flynn Hospital and the Tweed Hospital. These surgeries can be for a wide range of conditions, such as appendicitis, hernias, diverticulitis, bowel cancer and rectal prolapse.


If you?d like to learn more about this type of surgery, and whether it?s an option for your condition, it?s best to speak with your colorectal surgeon. We?re here to answer your questions and ensure you feel informed about your health care.

Laparoscopic Surgery Tweed