Sacral Nerve Modulation

A treatment for faecal incontinence.

What is Sacral Nerve Modulation?

At Coast Colorectal, we often assist patients with faecal incontinence. One treatment method for this condition is sacral nerve modulation.

This sacral nerve modulation treatment procedure is usually conducted through two small day or overnight procedures under a sedation anaesthetic.

During the first procedure, a wire is placed next to the nerve that stimulates the pelvic floor and anal muscles. The second procedure attaches a small battery pack to the wire, much like a pacemaker battery, and the battery is placed under the skin.

We work together with a representative from Medtronic. Together, we strive to achieve the best outcome for the procedure, and for each patient’s incontinence.

It’s normal to have questions about this treatment. You’re welcome to discuss your procedure with your colorectal surgeon during your consultation. We’re here to assist you to feel informed about your condition and treatment options.