Your Operation

At Coast Colorectal, we assist patients at three local hospitals, in the Southern Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

Before Your Surgery

Before colorectal surgery, you can improve your recovery by taking a few steps. These include:


  • Regular exercise
  • Ceasing smoking
  • Eating a nutritious diet, including protein supplements, as outlined by your surgeon


On the day before your colorectal surgery, your admission time will be confirmed by someone from Coast Colorectal, or the hospital?s Surgical Bookings Office.


The Day of Your Surgery

On the day of your colorectal surgery, you will need to present to the admissions counter of the hospital. You can learn more about where to find this counter at the relevant website of the hospital you will be attending.


Please bring the following items to hospital:


  • Comfortable, loose-fitting pyjamas
  • Toiletries
  • All regular medications
  • All x-rays or other investigation results
  • Sleep aids such as CPAP devices if required


Your Anaesthetic

Your anaesthetic will usually be provided by a professional from the Gold Coast Tweed Anaesthesia Group (07 5598 0900). You will be given some information about your anaesthetic and your anaesthetist by your colorectal surgeon. You?re encouraged to speak with your anaesthetist or your GP if you have any questions or concerns related to your anaesthetic.


After Your Surgery

If you are having a day procedure, you will need someone to drive you home. A responsible adult should also stay with you for the night following your anaesthetic. Admission to hospital can be arranged if necessary. If this is required for you, please notify your surgeon or someone from Coast Colorectal.


Extra Instructions for a Bowel Resection


On the day before your operation, you will need to avoid solid food, only taking liquids by mouth. You may be asked to perform a bowel preparation to clean out the bowel, but this is not always needed. Your colorectal surgeon will take you through the specifics for your procedure.


You are also likely to be asked to take a carbohydrate supplement called ?preOp? to optimise your energy levels before your operation.


Following your operation, you may have catheters and/ or drainage tubes in your bladder, rectum and abdomen. You will also have intravenous therapy. These will be removed as quickly as possible, most over the first 24-48 hours after your colorectal surgery.


These tubes don?t prevent you from moving around, and it?s important that you do walk around the ward. Initially, you?ll have assistance from nursing staff and/ or physiotherapists.


You will be up and out of bed on the first day after your surgery. You might even be walking around on the afternoon of the same day, if your procedure takes place in the morning.


You will be offered a light diet, generally from your first day after the colorectal surgery. Don’t feel like you have to eat all the food on the tray. It’s best to eat small, frequent meals.


Your gut function will return, which means that you can typically eat as normal. This is typically accompanied by passing some gas. It’s not necessary for you to produce a bowel motion before you’re discharged from hospital.


Do You Have Questions?

If you have any questions about your colorectal surgery, you’re welcome to speak with your colorectal surgeon, or the hospital staff. We are here to assist you with your health care, to help you feel informed and comfortable.


If you have questions about your anaesthetic for a procedure, you’re encouraged to contact your anaesthetist directly. Our regular anaesthetists are the Gold Coast Tweed Anaesthesia Group. You can find the details below.


Gold Coast Tweed Anaesthesia Group

Suite 5F John Flynn Medical Centre

PO BOX 111 Tugun Qld 4224

Ph: 07 5598 0900 Fax: 07 5598 0155

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