Pilonidal Sinus

At Coast Colorectal, we often assist Gold Coast and Tweed Coast patients who are experiencing a pilonidal sinus. Here, we describe this condition.

What is Pilonidal Sinus?

A pilonidal sinus literally means ?nest of hairs?. This is a condition that arises when hair penetrates the skin between the buttocks (the natal cleft).


When this happens, there can be a range of different symptoms. In some cases, there are few symptoms. In other cases, there can be recurring infections or abscesses in the area. These symptoms can be painful.


The hair can sometimes cause pits in the skin. Treatment involves removing these pits so that healing can occur.

After Treatment

Sometimes, the resulting wounds from pilonidal sinus can take a while to heal. Intensive wound care is then part of the treatment approach. If you?d like to know more about pilonidal sinus treatment, you can ask your GP for a referral to our clinic.

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