Perianal Sepsis and Fistula

At Coast Colorectal, we can assist patients who are experiencing an anal abscess or fistula. These related conditions can be treated by our caring, professional team.

What is Perianal sepsis and Fistula?

An anal abscess is a collection of pus in the tissues near the anus. Most of the time, it?s noticeable as a painful lump in the anal area. Sometimes though there might not be an obvious lump. This condition arises from the glands in the anal canal.


Sometimes, an anal abscess might be associated with a fistula. This is a track between the anal canal and the skin around the anal area. This can happen in many different directions and it can involve the anal sphincter to varying extents.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Like many similar conditions, an anal abscess needs to expel the pus in order to heal. Sometimes, this discharge will happen without any medical intervention. At other times surgical drainage might be needed.


Fistula can be managed through surgery. The procedure can vary depending on a few factors, particularly the degree of involvement of the sphincter.


If you require surgery for a fistula, your colorectal surgeon will talk with you about your individual needs. Not infrequetnly multiple operations are needed.


To learn more about the procedures available through Coast Colorectal you can read about the fistula procedure here. The Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand also has more information about fistula.

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[fis-tu-lar] An anal fistula is an abnormal communication (connection) between the anal canal and the skin of the anal area.

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